Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Interview Don't Dos

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Here are some top don't dos for job interviews. This is a good set of 'rule of thumb' tips to stick to in order to make sure that your interview doesn't get sabotaged by something silly or that you could have avoided.
So don't:
  1. Turn up late for your interview and keep the interviewer waiting-you'll look unprofessional before they've even set eyes on you. It's far better to be early than to be late.

  2. Sit there in silence or answering simple yes or no responses-how will they get to know you if you don't speak? This is your chance to show the interviewer what value you can bring to their organization, so do not waste it.

  3. Insult or swear at the interviewer-this is a given. Most people know not to do this, but you would be surprised as to how many horror stories you hear from interviewers and recruiters about how certain job candidates have done this to them in the past.

  4. Answer your phone. No matter how important a call you're expecting is, there is no excuse for leaving your cell phone on, let alone answering it in the middle of the interview. Turn the phone off well in advance of entering the interview room. And when I say turn it off, I mean switch it off completely-do not just put it on vibrate.

  5. Respond to emails or in any way, shape or form use your Blackberry! In a way this is even ruder and more outrageous than answering your phone, as replying to emails or a tweet takes longer than telling someone on the phone that you will phone them back.

  6. Waffle at the interviewer. Just as you shouldn't give monosyllabic answers, you should not deliver a monologue in a job interview either. Remember that it's a two-way conversation.

  7. Be too dominant or domineering in the interview. Remembering that it's a two-way conversation also means not being too overbearing during the interview.

  8. Try to be funny when you're simply not being! Try not to tell many jokes, if any. If you do tell a joke, make sure it's in good taste and not offensive in any way!

  9. Criticise your current employer or boss. No one wants to hire someone who's so ready to criticise the people who pay them.

  10. Overtly clock watch. If you're watching the clock during a short job interview, what are you going to be like having to work from 9 to 5 every day?
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