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5 Easy Steps To Interview Preparation

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All those months of preparation have paid off and you are raring to go. This is your chance to shine and get that dream job. Remember to always prepare well for an interview; you should never go for an interview without thorough preparation.
Here are the 5 steps to successful interview preparation:

1. Go through your resume - This seems like a pointless step, where you will say 'I do not need to go through my resume, I made it and I know it verbatim'. But, it is always better to go through your resume and try to understand it from the point of view of the interviewer. What was it that attracted the attention of the interviewer for you to get an interview call? When you do this, you may understand what it is that the company is looking for and what it is expecting from you. This puts you at an advantage during the interview.

2. Go online again - The Internet is your best friend. It helped you create the perfect resume and perfect cover letters, now it will help you understand the company. Visit the company website and understand everything about the company and its activities. The more information about the company you have the better equipped you are for the interview.

3. Study and learn - Try to study and learn all that there is about the company. The more you know the better you are going to feel about going in for that interview. Knowledge is your best friend during an interview.

4. Rehearse - Ever heard anyone tell you to make a script for an interview? Well, making a script for an interview makes sense. It helps you rehearse the kind of questions that you know will be asked and you can rehearse the answers to give the best ones possible. You will be asked questions on your past positions and achievements. You will also be asked to describe your strengths and weaknesses, what can you bring in terms of skill to the workplace. These are the kind of questions you can prepare the answers to. You can ask a friend to rehearse with you and make the preparation for your big interview fun.

5. Prepare a list of questions - Most people think that when they go for an interview, they have to answer all the questions and ask none. This is a mistake. Most interviewers appreciate questions. This shows that you have prepared and researched before coming for the interview, and that the job is important for you. Do not ask questions like 'how much will I get paid' or 'what benefits will I get' first. Save these for later. Ask questions that are more position and company oriented. Ask those questions relevant to information given by the interviewer.
Preparing for an interview can be daunting - but by following the 5

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