Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Job Interview Preparation Tips In A Recession

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Preparing for a job interview in this economy is a daunting task. We are constantly reminded of the high unemployment rate and the lack of jobs out there. So, when you do land an interview, you certainly don't want to take any chances. Job interview preparation should not be taken lightly and these tips can help you get prepared.
The best person does not always get the job. The best "interview" gets the job. Yes, employment laws do not allow employers to discriminate based on race, age, ethnicity and a host of other factors.
Aside from that, interviewing is completely subjective and when two candidates have similar qualifications, the one who has the more impressive interview will always win. Hiring Managers make recommendations to the business executives they recruit for and you need to impress every individual involved in the hiring process.
Here's an interview preparation checklist so you can stand out from your competition:

1) Mental preparation. Calm your nerves and anxiety before you walk into the job interview. Any negative energy you have will backfire on you if you appear uneasy and anxious in the actual interview. You need to show up with a positive and confident attitude to show that you are a capable and competent applicant.

2) Physical Preparation. Dress the part. Nothing will get you rejected faster than showing up in the wrong attire. Stay conservative and look sharp and professional, regardless of the company dress code.

3) Research the company. There are lots of applicants out there. One way to stand out is to show that you are above average. Find out everything you can about the company from their website, discussion forums, blogs, Facebook, pages, newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

4) Prepare your answers to interview questions in advance. One of the fastest ways to stand out and show how prepared you are is to anticipate the potential questions you will be asked and have your answers ready for their questions.

5) Practice. Only 4% of people actually do a mock interview to prepare. Want to get a real advantage? Get a friend to do a practice interview with you and test out your answers as if you were in the actual interview. You get a chance to see how you perform ahead of time, instead of in the job interview.
Give a great interview every time and all will agree that you were the most impressive candidate. Some executives will even give you room to grow if you don't have every single requirement. That is the power of exceptional job interview preparation!

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