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5 Secret Interview Tips: The Tricks to Using Body Language to Nail Your Next Interview

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Finding it hard to get that second interview despite reading all the interview tips out there? Perhaps your body is communicating more than you intended. A study done at UCLA predicted that up to 93% of communication's effectiveness was determined by non-verbal communication. Take a look at these secret interview tips for the best way to use body language to nail your next meeting:

1. Mirroring -
Remember that scene from I Love Lucy where Lucy is mimicking all of Harpo Marx' movements? Okay, so you don't need to be that literal, but, according to a 2009 study by Nicolas Gu├ęguen, a professor at the University of South Brittany in France, salespeople that echoed gestures were able to secure better deals than their counterparts. The best tips here are to remain subtle. If your interviewer touches her hair with her left hand, use your left and to push up your glasses.

2. Face Maps -
Just like pictures, faces can tell a story. Fine lines and wrinkles can give away default emotions. Crows feet can indicate smiling, while deep forehead creases can indicate a furled brow. How can you use this for your bag of tips? These delicate signs can help you read your interviewer. If they seem like a worrier, you should lay off the jokes.

3. Tells -
Poker players know this is one of the best tips around. Most people, though often unaware, give away simple gestures that betray when they are lying or not. While this best works with people you know well, you can note that most people touch their lips or nose when lying. Be aware of touching your face during an interview so you don't accidentally appear dishonest.

4. Comfort level -
This is actually one of many interview tips taught to us by our mothers long ago: stop fidgeting! Constantly crossing and uncrossing legs can look uncomfortable and keeping your arms folded can appear defensive. One of the many smart interview tips here is to dress comfortably (and professionally). You have more important things to remember, you don't need to worry about your shoes pinching.

5. Cloning -
No, this does not mean dressing up in a sequin jumpsuit if you discover your interview is a big Elvis fan. One of the best (and worst) indications of this is hairstyles. This can be amongst the great tips, or be one of the worst interview tragedies. Walking into an interview with Jennifer Aniston's newest haircut can totally sell you as a confident woman. Walking into an interview with Jennifer Aniston's hair circa the first season of Friends can make you seem dated. This is one of the more daring tips out there. Utilize at your own risk.
These subtle interview tips could be exactly what you need to push your interview to the next level. Be aware of your posture and gestures. Don't let your body tell a story that you don't want to tell. The key here is subtlety. If used properly, body language can be one of the best interview tips you can possibly pick up.

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