Saturday, January 19, 2013

Advice on the Deputy Sheriff Entrance Exam and the Panel Interview

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Becoming a police officer or a deputy sheriff is hard. If you have been told it will be easy, think again. The selection process to become a deputy sheriff is extremely competitive and there are a large number of prospective candidates vying for the positions that are open in the various departments. Some of these candidates will have serious backgrounds, such as military or a four year degree. Both of these things raise the bar for reaching the end goal of becoming an officer.

But, there is a way to compete with those that have a military background and/or a college degree. You will need to ace the sheriff entrance exam and the panel interview. By scoring high on both of these exams, you will bypass the rest of the candidates to shine alone. The panel that does the hiring puts heavy emphasis on the questions that are on the written exam, as well as the oral interview.

What do these exams cover so you can be prepared? The written exam covers math, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, memory recognition and reasoning, among other things. During the oral interview you will be presented with questions that are the "what if" type of scenarios. Your answers will need to be focused and concise, as the panel will be judging you not only on your answer, but on your integrity, character, moral standard and background. Answering these types of questions can be difficult, but like the written part of the exam, if you study and role play with another person, you should do great.


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