Friday, January 11, 2013

Behavioural Interview Technique - Guarantee Success With 5 Simple Tips

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Behavioral interview technique is becoming more important because "Behavioral" job interviews are becoming more and more common, and may eventually replace the "standard" style of interviewing. The basic premise of this kind of interview is the assumption that your behavior in the past is an accurate indicator of how you will behave in future. If your behavioral interview technique needs some work, check out these quick tips.

Visualize the questions-
Before you go into the interview, spend some time imagining what kinds of questions you are going to be asked. Make a brief list of them, and then using the list try and imagine why they are asking each question. This is a great behavioral interview technique, and will give you a head start for the next tip...

Visualize the answers-
Spend some time thinking over your working career, and problems you may have solved or helped solve, or situations you may have been able to improve. Questions related to such things will likely come up, so it's a good idea to have a few examples ready to give.

Well, kind of. Always remember that the examples you give are completely up to you-if your own life experiences don't match up EXACTLY to what they are asking of you, you may well have to "bend" it a little, to encompass the skills and experience they want to know about. Bear in mind that every other candidate will be doing this also, so you may need to to keep your behavioral interview technique up to scratch!

Be prepared to expand-
An employer will rarely just take your first answer and move on; more likely they will want to delve a little deeper and get into further detail. If you are prepared for this you can make your answers very convincing. If you can also somehow relate your answers to the things you raised with the first tip (visualizing questions), this can be a very powerful technique for behavioral job interviews, and can bring lots of success.

Don't limit yourself-
The past experiences they ask about need not be work related-If you play for a recreational sports team or you have other "outside" activities, they can all potentially be used as examples for you. This is a very useful behavioral interview technique for people who may have recently graduated or recently entered the job market for other reasons-college/school projects and examples of your behavior can be just as valid as examples given from the workplace.
The behavioral interview is not necessarily as difficult a technique to master as people first assume, it just requires some careful though beforehand!


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