Friday, January 18, 2013

Body Language is Key to Telephone Interview!

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Is this guy serious? Body language is important for the telephone interview!
Yup! Job transition is a mind game which demands that you project yourself well in any interview situation. Even in a telephone interview, you can get your interviewer to "hear" you smile and "see" your body language. Here are some simple tips to make it happen.
Win the Mind Game

1) Dress professionally. Yup, put on your best clothes, polish those shoes, brush your teeth, wash behind the ears, hide the tattoo, pluck your eyebrows - everything you would do for the personal interview. Why? Because this is a sales call and you've got to get into the correct mindset.

2) Listen to your favorite comedian or humorist for a short period prior to the telephone call. You want to feel good about yourself: You want to feel upbeat. Laughter will create this mood. Remember, transition and job search is a mind game. If you do not have a favorite comedian, go to YouTube and search for "Comedy." Watch for a few minutes immediately prior to the interview. Now, when you do that telephone interview, the recruiter will hear you smile. Sounds goofy, but if you can make it happen, you will make that job happen.

3) Interview in a quiet space with no possibility of interruption.

4) Stand when interviewing. Yup, get that butt out of that chair, stand tall and start projecting yourself with passion and energy. You project yourself totally differently when standing. Your breathing is better; your voice and intonation has better timbre and vivacity. If you doubt this, sit and read this article out loud. Then stand and read the article out loud. You'll get the message.

5) Clear your desk of all material except some cue cards that contain power statements, key points you want to address, anecdotes you want to reference.

6) Find a photograph of your interviewer online and leave it onscreen. If you can't do that, have the website or photos of key products on screen. It will keep it more real for you.

7) A full length mirror will help you during the telephone interview. Wha? Yup. Bring a full-length mirror into your interview room. I'm serious. Now you will see what your body language is like, you will see whether you are standing straight and projecting confidence and when you are, believe it or not, the recruiter will "see" that positive body language.
Now, get out of that chair. Sock it to 'em and win the job search.!

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