Sunday, January 13, 2013

Donation Thank You Letter - 2 Effectual Examples

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It's no secret that sending an effective donation thank you letter can help an organization to build long-term relationships with donors. Every charitable organization should make it a practice to thank donors for their contributions. This is especially true for new donors.

Sending a thank you note and token gift to donors will help to set the tone of the new relationship between the donor and organization. Fundraising professionals must make donors understand that they are partners in fulfilling the mission of the organization.

The following examples, written specifically for new donors, will show you how to effectively do this.
Note that each letter reinforces a positive feeling in the donor for having given to the organization. This is equivalent to the sales professional who wisely helps his customer to avoid "buyers remorse." This kind of donation thank you letter often opens the door to future gifts for additional drives or funding objectives.

Samples Donation Thank You Letters
I am writing this letter to personally thank you for the donation you recently made to the Women for Women International organizaton. Your generous gift is helping us to aid women living in war-torn environments to rebuild their lives and communities.
As a new member of our Premium Donor's Club, you will receive monthly newsletters to keep you abreast of our ongoing efforts. Also, to express our appreciation for your truly generous donation, we have enclosed a gift card for Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Please accept it as a token of our gratitude for your help in this important work.
Once again, we truly are grateful for your sacrifice in contributing to our work. We hope you will feel compelled to donate again in the future.

Thank you, Mr./Ms. ____________, for your very generous gift to the Children With Cancer Foundation. As a first-time donor to our organization, we want you know that without generous donors like you, we would not be able to continue the important work that we do. Your will be used to help purchase $500,000 worth of much-needed medical equipment for the children's oncology center downtown.
The greatest benefit of all, I hope, is the feeling you get knowing that you personally helped one child to fight the debilitating disease that is afflicting him or her.
As we promised, you will soon be receiving the beautiful calendar you ordered--our free gift to you for your contribution to our work. Again, thank you so much for your donation. Your continued support is sure to help us in the fight to save many promising young lives.
Many thanks,


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