Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dos and Don'ts in a Job Interview

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How do you react when you get the job interview that you applied for? If you are excited about the interview then let it show when you get there.

If you bring a little energy and excitement along with you to the interview it may get you noticed more that if you sit there silently listening all the time. Don't forget that the interviewer has probably been there all day and may still have some way to go. If you can brighten up their day a little with your enthusiasm, it may help keep you in the interviewers thoughts when it comes to choosing a successful candidate.

When you think about all the other applicants for the position, some may be slightly more qualified than you, or some may have slightly more experience. You need something that will make you stand out above all the others.

Try to be professional in your approach. Be courteous and smile, and always answer the questions properly; do not try to make jokes about things.
Try to use a little charisma to keep your interviewer's attention, and always try to answer the questions confidently.

If you show no emotion when being interviewed, then you will probably not succeed with your application. But on the other hand if you show genuine excitement about the prospect of gaining this job you will stand a much better chance of success.

Try to make out that you are interested in the facts about the company when the interviewer relates them to you (even if you are not really interested) someone that shows that they have the companies interest at heart will have a better chance of landing the job than somebody who looks disinterested.
But be careful if you are an over excitable person that you do not over do your excitement. You do not want to be scaring the interviewer by going over the top.

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