Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dress Code For Visa Interview!

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We all agree that immigration is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, it is very crucial to put the best foot forward. And there would be only one in a million who would not be nervous at the time of the interview. Like all the normal people around, I am sure you would be thinking how to go about making it the perfect interview pleasing the visa office to grant you a permit.

Many don't realize that in the process wearing the right clothes is equally important. The way you present yourself is the first impression that is projected about you in the visa officer's mind. Obviously, in such cases, the first impressions are the most important ones. If got it right, it would definitely make it easier for you to convince the visa officer that are eligible and are credible enough to be granted a permit. And so, appearances matter to a large extent, atleast in the beginning.

At the same time, the clothing does not decide whether you are eligible for the visa or not. It might just aid to the process in the right direction. For any immigration officer, it is important to not let personal judgments and biases to creep in for which they are trained appropriately.

So, its best to be dressed in professional attire which I am sure is not a very difficult task for you all. Think of it as if you are to attend a job interview. You have to dress appropriately which is acceptable for such an occasion and would make you look presentable as well.

At such a situation you would obviously avoid something that would be controversial in nature. However, it is not necessary that your clothes have to be highly expensive and branded ones. Although, what you are wearing should be clean and ironed properly. It would not be wrong if you choose something more conservative to wear.

However, don't do too much with the perfumes and colognes. Something it might turn out to be highly repulsive. Avoid casual clothes at all circumstances such as shorts, tees, too much make-up and so on.
Above all, make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing. You have to be at ease while answering the questions of the visa officer.


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