Friday, January 18, 2013

Dress to Impress at Interviews

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First impressions count - you only get one chance to make a good one on the people you meet and it goes without saying, one of the most important times you meet someone for the first time (apart from, maybe, a blind date!) is a job interview. That is why looking your best is vitally important during job interviews. For most interviews, the candidate having a professional look and feel about them is a key aspect that the employer will look for. You should treat a job interview as a special occasion and bring out your most suitable outfit, the same way you would for a wedding or funeral.
Below are five personal appearance tips for both men and women at job interviews.

1. Unless otherwise advised by the interviewer beforehand, men should always turn up for an interview in a full business suit - suit, shirt and tie.

2. Avoid novelty ties, cufflinks or tie pins. You may think they are projecting you as fun and happy-go-lucky but this is not the main personality attributes that the interviewer is looking for - most won't find it amusing.

3. Remember the old adage - you can always judge a man by the shoes he wears. Make sure your shoes are appropriate (no runners, flip flops or boots) and well-polished.

4. Apart from a watch and a wedding band, additional jewellery is not appropriate. If you normally wear extra, just take it off for the sake of the interview.

5. If you need to wear a jacket or coat to the interview that is fine, but again make sure it is business-like and professional looking. You should hang up your coat before going into the actual interview - the extra layer will only worsen the nervous sweating during the meeting.

1. The same rule applies to ladies as it does gents - in most cases, a professional business suit (trousers or skirt) should be worn. Skirts should not be higher than knee-length.

2. In terms of jewellery, a watch, neat bracelet and neck chain, wedding band and earrings are all widely accepted. When it comes to the earrings, keep them neat - an interview is not a time to show off your best "Pat Butcher Danglers!"

3. Cleavage should not be on show - it might excite some interviewers but it will also show them you are anything but professional!

4. On your feet, both high heels and flat business shoes work well. If you choose the former, make sure you are used to walking in them - a broken ankle is not a good look at an interview. Make sure your shoes are a pair in shiny and pristine condition.

5. Aside from your actual clothing, watch out for the pitfall of overdoing your make-up. Bright lipsticks, heavy eye shadow, and bright red cheeks will make you look more like a clown than a serious jobseeker.


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