Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Expert Interview Strategies - How to Create a Lucrative Expert Interview Product Step by Step

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Do you want to make money online fast? Here's the scoop on creating expert interview products, one of the most lucrative online business models.
You know that in order to make real money online, you need a list and a product. But if you have neither, expert interviews can get you there faster than almost anything else. Here are the steps to get you started:

1) Find a target market
Your first step needs to be to find a target market. Who is desperately looking for information that you could provide? Now you don't have to restrict yourself to information you personally already have, as you'll see in a moment. But you do need a market who wants the info you'll provide, or your product won't sell.

2) Decide on the type of information your target market is looking for
Next, you'll need to figure out exactly what your target market wants to know. In order to create a product that will actually sell, you've got to provide information people want. And not just want, but want desperately. And it needs to be something they're willing to pay for too.

3) Find and interview your experts
Now that you know who your market is and what they want to know, you're ready for the next step: creating your product. And one of the best ways of creating a product that sells -- and one of the fastest ways too -- is to interview several experts in your field of choice. So go ahead, select your experts, and interview them.

4) Turn your interviews into a product
Once you have interviewed your experts, you organize the interviews into a logical sequence and package them into a product. Edit and assemble the actual interviews as mp3 files, add any accompanying work sheets, and get it all ready for download.

5) Write the sales letter
You'll also need to write a sales letter for your product. Since you have several experts, focus on listing them and what they contribute to your product. That alone should help you sell. If you're not an experienced copywriter, though, you may want to outsource this portion of the game since a great sales letter greatly increases your chance of making a lot of money from your product.

6) Leverage your experts' lists
Once you have your product ready to go, you'll need traffic -- and with a project like this, you'll get plenty that's already built in. After all, each of your experts has a list of his or her own! Just create some promotional emails (or have your copywriter create them) and invite all your experts to send them to their lists.

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