Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Round Job Interview

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In my last article I wrote about how to be successful in telephone interviews, once you have successfully completed your telephone interview, the next stage will be the first round of interviews - face to face. Most of us wonder what could take place at the next stage. Who will the interviewer be? What type of questions will be asked?
Corporate companies have changed the way they organize interviews and the process of hiring. Generally if there are a large number of applicants for a job advertised, candidates are short listed by written examinations or a telephone interview. Once you have cleared the written tests and/or are successful in your telephone interview, you will enter the first round of face to face interviews. It is more than likely that your first round of interviews would be with HR personnel. Some companies name them the "Talent Management Team" but most call them the "HR Team".

You may wonder why HR (Human Resources) personnel conduct the first round of interviews instead of the head or a member of the department with the vacancy. Gone are the days, where the personnel of the departments with available positions actually recruit the candidates. Employers have now become more focused on the first and the most important criteria - attitude, followed by your energy level, communication, interpersonal skills, etc. If you are the right person with the right attitude, then it is easy for the employer to mould you to their requirements and culture of the company. As most HR know, the strategy previously was "Recruit Talent and Develop Attitude" but now the trend seems to be "Recruit Attitude and Mould Talent."
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Make sure that you look professional, because your appearance creates a first impression, ensure you look your best. Formal clothing, polished shoes and a smiling face all add to your first impression. Do not be too casual, over confident, and rude, be polite and humble.

Do the basic research about the company that has invited you for the interview and demonstrate the interest, knowledge and enthusiasm. You must enter an interview with information about the company, their products, recent news in the market. Be knowledgeable about the position you have applied for and show evidence about your achievements which relate to the job. Think of examples beforehand that you can use to demonstrate your skills.

Body language is important, make eye to eye contact with the interviewer, a confident hand shake and avoid negative body language, such as, crossing your arms, leaning back, hands on your face, etc. Do not fidget.
Most importantly listen to the questions and answer them clearly, precisely and smartly. You must show your interest and link your experience on how you can contribute to the role. Do not show any signs of impatience or jump from one topic to another.

Word of mouth is very important when it comes to hiring, studies reveal that 35% to 50% of hiring comes through referrals and networking. So if you know anyone who is employed in the organization, talk to them and mention the person to the interviewer, this will add value and improve your chance of selection in the interview and lead you to a job offer.


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