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How to Face an Interview - Group Discussion Round

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It is attitude which helps a candidate to clear an interview and get a job. The right platform to display it is the Group Discussion round. Many people get eliminated in this round due to lack of proper knowledge and preparation. Companies conduct group discussions to test the candidate's willingness to be a part of the team, his behavior, his ability in decision making, his listening capacity, his body language, and if or not he is open to accepting others' views.
Following are few protocols you need to keep in mind when taking part in a group discussion:
o Always try to be the initiator of a discussion as it would place you in the eyes of the employer instantly. Initiate a discussion only if you have sound knowledge about the topic.
o Maintain eye contact with every member of the group and try to seek attention from everyone by making valid points about the topic. Don't stare at any one person for more than 3 or 4 seconds.
o Don't use jargon and words of high frequency. Keep your speech simple and understandable. Make your points in a calm and polite manner.
o Don't interfere others when they are voicing their views. If you have a point to make for or against somebody's comments, wait till they have completed their speech.
o Always take permission before making or adding a point.
E.g.: "Please let me make a point" or "I have a point to make".
o If you feel that the point made by someone is wrong, then don't say that he is wrong. Instead, mention politely that you don't agree with his view.
o Always carry a pen and a notepad with you while participating in a group discussion. Make a note of the important points mentioned in the discussion. This will help you in making your points if you are not aware of the topic properly.
o Always keep track of where the discussion is heading. If the discussion is going off-track then be the first person to bring it back to the topic. This will definitely help you gain attention, especially if you are not the initiator.
o Never try to dominate other speakers in a discussion and always maintain a positive body language. Do not show belligerence.
o Keep an eye on your watch and when the discussion exceeds the allotted time, be the first person to conclude the discussion. Don't give your own conclusion but rather include various points made by others and combine them all with your own conclusion. Keep in mind that your conclusion shouldn't be controversial in nature.
Article on Group Discussions by Nithin Mekhala of WriteYup.

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