Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Write Professional Second Interview Thank You Letters

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Already passed your first job interview? Are you decked for the second or final job interview? Impress your future bosses with thank you letters after the interview.

As its name suggests, second interview thank you letters or interview thank you notes, in general, are professional letters of correspondence after the second job interview. Many new, young and budding inexperienced applicants as well as experienced applicants forget to write thank you letters at the end of the last or second interview. This should not be the case. Ideally, it is an unsaid rule to write thank you letters or thank you notes after any interview. Write your second interview thank you letters with these steps and you will never go wrong.

First, customize the content of your second interview thank you letters or notes with your future client or boss in mind. This will establish immediate rapport with you and your future client or boss. Who knows, it can even get you hired or rehired in the future? It would not hurt to add a little personality with your thank you letters or thank you notes by being light and casual. Humor is good; just don't go overboard with it. For that added touch of personality and spunk, why not hand-write your thank you letters? You may either write or print out your thank you letters or thank you notes so long as they are neat, legible and presentable to the reader.

Second, be professional, polite and courteous. Earlier we said that you must write your notes neatly and legibly and that you should keep it light and casual. Don't forget to stay professional. Address your future boss politely with "Mr.", "Ms.", "Mrs." Or "Dr." and his or her full name or last name. Remember that second interview thank you letters reinforce the 'good vibes' you have with your future employer. Also, when you are keen enough with personal details about your boss, you can add this as a motif to your thank you note. For example, if your future boss or client loves red ribbons, add this as a motif to your letter. This signifies that you are thoughtful and sensitive to others and that you pay attention to the finer details. Just don't stalk your boss or future employer for these small details, mind you. They are optional.

Lastly, in every process of the recruitment and job interview, always put our best foot forward. Second interview thank you letters are an indirect way of selling yourself and letting your professional personality stand out amongst the rest of the applicants. In your letter, you may restate your continued interest for the job, the qualifications you have to get he job as well as maintain it, and your potential contribution to the job that you are after. Moreover, thank ou letters allow you to clarify the finer points of your hiring process, specifically those points that are neglected during the job interview.
With these being said, we wish you luck on your prospective job and on those after-interview letters!

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