Thursday, January 10, 2013

HR Round of Interview - The final Call

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HR round of discussion happens to be the final round of interview in most companies. Once the prospect, qualifies the technical interview they are scheduled for a HR discussion. Most of them including new entrants may not be aware that this round is as crucial as their earlier technical discussions. They merely ignore it or assume it to be more of salary negotiation meetings, and are least prepared for it.HR round of discussion qualifies the prospect's suitability to the organization in terms of his strength, attitude, and coherence to the work culture.
Let's now see the how one has to prepare to face it.
  • Even before you are questioned you are analysed –  Your attire plays a greater role - Make sure you are dressed formally for the interview. Avoid bright shades and dress preferably in pastels colours. Be well groomed and it is best to avoid strong sprays or deo's. Never be late for the interview or be too desperate.
  • A firm handshake or a polite smile and greetings, makes a best debut.
  • Be bold and speak loudly. This projects one's confidence and optimism.
  • Eye Contact is an informal way of communicating right. It ensures that you are open and sincere in your ideas.
  • Mostly the HR round of questions, aim at the personality of the individual. It could start with tell me about yourself. This is a very tricky question. What one is expected to do is to co-relate more on one's qualification, strength, weakness, and experience to the position one is applying for rather than talk about family and location.
  • Questions about strength and weakness of the individual often arise.. Answering about strength, one can very well relate it to their past accomplishments. And answering about weakness, it is rather obtuse to be honest and it is all the way better to disguise one's strength as weakness.
  • Another important question is about the previous employment or employer, why one is looking for a change. Although you may have umpteen number of reasons, at this juncture it is better be as diplomatic as possible. Never make the mistake of criticising your previous company or employer or practices at any point of time.
  • Salary discussion is again the deciding factor, your expectations are solicited and discussed, but at certain times though the prospect may seem competent, he may not fit into the budget of the company. So it is better to be sensible and know the market rates for the current position and then discuss on it, rather than having an exorbitant expectation.
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