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Interview Tips for Ex-Military Service Personnel

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Earlier in the month we shared our top ex military CV tips and now to complement these we have some useful interview tips to help ex-army personnel secure their dream job.
Jobs for ex forces personnel can be more difficult to prepare for, especially if the role is the applicant's first non-military job in a significant length of time. These tips have been researched by us in order to help heroes find the perfect civilian job.

1. Get to know about the company
Although interviews are all about you and your fit within the organisation, employers like to know that you care about their company. Displaying an interest in what they do and how they do it shows that you are keen and enthusiastic about the role you have applied for, but less obviously, it shows that you are keen to learn new things, have good research skills and care about the business more than the money (mentioning money is still a faux pas, no matter if it's the truth).

2. Keep a positive attitude
Often, the greatest barrier that stops ex-forces personnel from clinching that job is their perceived lack of adaptation. Many employers are reluctant to provide jobs for ex forces personnel because of preconceptions they have of soldiers being "stuck in their ways" or lacking the personal skills to adapt well to a civilian working environment. While we believe this is wrong, we encourage our job seekers to approach each interview with positivity and preparedness. Employers will gain a lot from your positive attitude and are more likely to realise that your military skills could be of benefit to them rather than a hindrance,

3. Explain your successes
It helps to put yourself in the interviewer's position. They may not have interviewed an ex army or ex RAF person before and so may find it hard to put your previous accomplishments and experience into context. Try explaining your successes in measurable terms - rather than say you are good with people, talk about a particular moment when you led a team or were an important individual working within a troop or patrol. Instead of claiming to work well under pressure, talk about a time when your levelheadedness was key in a certain operation. These will help them to realise what sort of person you are far more than over-used phrases like "I work well alone or as part of a team".

4. Manners and mannerisms
There's no easy way to say this - ex-military personnel can come across as a little stiff or even intimidating on first meeting, especially if said job hunter has been a member of the Armed Forces for a number of years. Try to relax a bit as it helps to give off a sense of approachability. However, always remember that interviews are never completely informal no matter what the setting, so be polite and conscientious. Being late is a big bad cross on your file, however if this can't be helped due to unforeseen circumstances make sure to phone as early as you can in order to re-schedule. Your honesty and foresight can be seen as a plus even though your tardiness counted against you.

5. Know your CV inside out
Your CV will highlight all of your skills and experience, but it won't include everything. Understand which parts may require a little more explanation or background and be ready for questions asked about them. If one aspect of your CV looks interesting you may be asked to expand on it - you are being interviewed to review your abilities, but you are also being tested to see if you would fit in well within the company or organisation. Don't be afraid to get enthusiastic - showing you enjoyed your previous roles shows that you are passionate about your work and put energy into what you do.
By following these tips you are equipping yourself with the tools to present yourself as best you can. It is up to you to display your true potential through the way you come across in an interview - don't be pessimistic about a role simply because of your status as an ex-services member.
You should be proud that you served your country and that you are now actively seeking a new challenge. Now go out and get that job.

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