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Job Employment Interviews - Wait For the Second Interview to Ask About Money & Compensation

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When it comes time in a job employment interview how and when do you ask about the money. You might feel that the most important thing is to present you for the job, company or organization that you have chosen and researched that the last thing that you have to ask about or inquire is the money. Its amazing when you think of it - it you have presented yourself well, emphasized your features and benefits to the firm or group, and that since you have researched the company to such a great extent - that they must be a fair and reasonable organization and therefore will compensate you appropriately.

There are a number of fallacies in this logic. First and foremost you have not proven yourself to the firm, group or organization. One applicant at a body shop actually got the job since he told the employer when asked what his expectations were for money that "you hire me. At the end of the week pay me what you think that I am worth". This was such a one time event to the employer, he had never heard such a proposition before and hired the employee based on this one time occurrence. It seemed it had never happened before. Interestingly the future employee knew his trade and work ethics. At the end of the week he was paid substantially more than fellow employees doing the same or similar work.

In some cases job seekers have lost what was an almost done deal because they did not come out directly and asked about money. The interviewers viewed this as a negative trait - an employee who was not direct enough or downright timid to do what was necessary to get the job done. Finally in dealing with interviewers on the subject of money remember that they have budgets and profit targets to meet. Even if it is a large firm it may seem that these people feel that any cash paid to you is coming directly out of their pockets. It is in a way as any payments to new employees come as a direct expense off their bottom line of profit.

When it comes to salary negotiations, when you negotiate is just as important, or even more than how you conduct the exercise. Raising the subject too early prematurely can be the kiss of death in your overall and total ability to negotiate the money, bonus, or benefits. When and if you talk of money and compensation in the interview process too soon may well overshadow what you really want to convey- that is that you are a person who can get the job done so well that in effect the organization cannot miss the chance by not hiring you.

It must be simply said that it is best to sell yourself thoroughly before any mention of money or compensation is made or put forward. Uncultured by any perceived notions of expense or cost, you have the opportunities to convince the interviewer or interviewers that you have more of what it takes.
Indeed it is not unusual by any means that there is no mention of money or compensation well into the second interview.

If you think about it the first interview is just a fact finding and evaluation meeting for both sides - both the interviewee and interviewer. Prior to that time, neither side has gathered enough information about the other, or had time to check sources, to make any kind of a fair or reasonable offer from either side.
In summary: As an interviewee the question of money and compensation will definitely come up. Either you are offered or you are expected to ask. However do not plan to arrive or arrive yourself at this point until at least the second job employment interview.

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