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Job Interview Tips to Nail That Job!

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Thousands and thousands of people are looking for jobs. Armed with their exceptional educational backgrounds, excellent training, and more-than-adequate experience, these aspiring applicants knock on the doors of giant conglomerates with the intention of nailing their desired jobs. The competition is fierce. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Naturally, companies will hire only the best. So how do you distinguish yourself in sea of qualified applicants? What will make you stand out and impress your prospective employers? To make sure you do not get left behind, you should follow some of these fabulous job interview tips:

1. Be prepared.
Prepare for the interview by doing research on the company and the job position you are applying for. Search for information online, pick up some company brochures, and prepare your updated resume. Compile a list of the common interview questions and ask a friend to do some run-throughs with you. Do not memorize your answers but be sure to be confident about the key points you want to make. If possible, try searching online about the person who will interview you.

2. Be attentive to details.
Another effective job interview tip is to dress appropriately for the interview. When applying for any kind of job in an office, men should don on a business suit, and women should wear a pantsuit or conservative skirt. For non-office positions, this level of formality is not as necessary. Nevertheless, your attire should be neat and clean. Jeans, sneakers, or T-shirts are a definite no-no.
Be early. Arriving approximately fifteen to thirty minutes before the scheduled time is best. Upon arriving, check your appearance by going to the nearest restroom. You will need to create a good impression early on, so your grooming is of utmost importance. Bring a pen, notepad, and a few extra copies of your resume. You should also bring along any other pertinent documents.

3. Create a good impression.
Exude confidence while remaining courteous and polite. Smile as you greet the interviewer and use his or her last name with a courtesy title. Shake hands firmly and wait for the invitation to sit.
Be mindful of your body language. Sit up straight, and avoid folding your arms, covering your mouth or frequently looking away. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
Be professional. While jokes can be a great way to ease the tension, they can be risky in a job interview. Listen attentively and ask relevant questions to show your interest. Talk at a moderate pace.

4. Be honest.
Dishonesty can be harmful to your chances of getting the job. If you do not know the answer to a question, admit it. Further questions may reveal your bluff, so it is better to stick with the truth. It also won't hurt to add that you are a quick learner when acquiring new knowledge and skills.
When asked about accomplishments, emphasize those that are directly related to the job you want. Do not exaggerate your accomplishments and give credit to those who helped you. Do not pad your resume. Potential employers often check up on these things.

5. Follow up.
Before you leave, ask your interviewer on how the hiring process will proceed, when they are likely to make a decision, and if there is any more information that they need from you. Do not forget to ask for the interviewer's business card and the company's other contact information.
Call and inquire if you do not hear from the company when you expect to. Sometimes, the process just takes longer than expected. Calling will show that you are still interested and will raise your name again.

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