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Job Interviews - How to Ace a Panel Job Interview

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In all probability you will encounter anywhere from three to seven interviews in the process of being considered for any job, but they will probably be of a variety of types. An increasing number of companies are instituting panel interviews. Sometimes a panel interview is used because of scheduling efficiency but it also often has the purpose of observing how you interact with a group of co-workers (either the team you will be a part of or interdepartmental people you will be interacting with) or to observe your presentation style. Less commonly, it may be to purposely create a stressful situation to see how you handle it. There are a variety of general techniques that can increase your effectiveness in this type of interview.

1. Be sure to get everyone's name and, if possible, their business cards. Either make a list (inconspicuously) or put their cards on the table in front of you in the order they are sitting so you can identify who is who.
2. Be sure to make eye contact with everyone, regardless of who asked the question. Don't "lock" eyes but do keep your eyes moving, with the most attention to the person who asked the question.
3. If one person asks the question, answer it from their perspective but also try to include the perspective of at least one other member of the panel in your answer. Remember that most of your success stories have multiple angles and can be talked about from the human capital perspective, the financial perspective, the marketing perspective, and probably many other perspectives.
4. The more you can connect with the panel (especially if it is a panel of your peers) the better. Make sure to ask if you have answered the question.
5. Each person on the panel gets a separate and different thank you email within 24 hours followed up by a handwritten thank you note within 48 hours. If possible, mention something specific the two of you talked about. The handwritten note is what makes you really stand out from the competition.
6. If the panel is clearly set up to see how you handle stress, remember that how you answer the questions is more important than what you answer. They may ask questions very quickly or harshly. No matter what, you take time with your answers and deliver them in a calm, confident tone.

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