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Lethal Job Interview Mistakes

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Job interview mistakes can be easily avoided! These are the five interview mistakes that commonly cause candidates to fail in their job interviews.
Inadequate Preparation
Benjamin Franklin's famous quote "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" is never more applicable than when it comes to the job interview. Do the necessary homework beforehand and you will impress the interviewer as a committed and enthusiastic job candidate. Research the company and the position before your interview and demonstrate how you are the right fit by answering questions effectively and preparing the most appropriate questions to ask. The most obvious way to do this is to go to the company's website. Other resources include industry-related websites, business information websites and competitor websites. Visit your public library and ask for relevant directories and periodicals. If you live close enough, visit the company beforehand. Pick up relevant brochures and reports in the reception area and just observe for a while. The better prepared you are for your interview the greater your chances of success.
Arriving Late and Without the Necessary Documentation
This is one of the most common job interview mistakes and compromises the whole interview situation. An initial bad impression is very difficult to overcome during the interview. Make sure you know exactly where to go for your interview and how long it is going to take you to get there. Have directions handy. Make a practice run, if possible, to get the timing right. Write down the name of the person you should ask for when you get there. Take a portfolio with copies of all necessary documentation with you- your resume, recommendations, work samples etc.
Stumbling over Interview Answers
Not being able to properly articulate answers to interview questions is what every candidate dreads. The best way to avoid this is to think about and prepare your answers to common job interview questions beforehand. What will be required of the successful candidate in this position? What questions are likely? Certain standard questions crop up in most job interviews, examples include, "What are your strengths/weaknesses?", "Why do you want this position?", "What have been your achievements to date?" Prepare and practice answers to these sort of questions and avoid this job interview mistake.
Not Asking Questions
At some point in the interview a candidate is asked "Do you have any questions?" Failing to ask appropriate questions shows a lack of interest and thought and is considered one of the worst job interview mistakes a candidate can make. Use your company research to prepare insightful questions that both impress the interviewer and get the information you need to make a well-informed job decision.
Not Showing a Positive Attitude
Coming across as negative can be the result of a number of behaviors during the interview. Complaining about a previous position, boss, colleagues or company sends a negative message and should be avoided. Inappropriate body language can also create a negative impression. Hunching down or slumping in the chair, avoiding eye contact, looking down constantly, folding arms across the chest, fiddling with hair or things on the desk all give a negative message. Speaking inaudibly or mumbling are other negative non-verbal signals. Practice your answers and questions in front of a mirror using a confident tone of voice and positive body language.
Avoid these lethal job interview mistakes and come across as the right candidate for the job!

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