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MBA Interview Mistakes - Are You Making The Seven Biggest Business School Interview Mistakes?

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Would you like to get into a top MBA program? Why not improve your odds by avoiding some of the biggest MBA interview mistakes. Read on to discover if you're making them too.

The Business School interview is really the turning point of the application process. Getting there is a big challenge, and acing that interview can mean that it'll be smooth sailing from then on out.

But if you blow your big chance, you'll have to start over, and probably go elsewhere. So here are seven big mistakes that many MBA program applicants are making that can ruin their big chance. Avoid them, and you'll be way ahead of the game.

1) Coming across as desperate
You may already have heard that coming across as desperate can kill your chances right then and there. But what if that's how you feel. You don't have to make it obvious! There is such as thing as too much honesty. Read on for a few tricks.

2) Believing you must get into this particular business school program
You've set your heart on one particular top MBA program. If so, that's all the more reason to ease up. That's because believing that you must get in makes you feel desperate, and the more desperate you appear, the less likely you are to get in. Instead, make it a point to focus on all the other options you have as well.

3) Believing they're doing you a favor for letting you in
That's a big mistake. Getting into an MBA program is not about favors. In fact, the screeners and interviewers are in the business of doing well by their own program. So here's the big key: Come across as an asset they'll want to have on their team.

4) Trying to impress the interviewers
Only desperate people try to impress. Confident people know that they will impress naturally, so there's no need to try. Once again, the harder you try, the worse the results. To come across as confident, be sure to avoid the next three mistakes.

5) Talking too much (or too fast)
Talking too fast and too much marks you as nervous and desperate, something to be avoided at all costs. Confident people don't babble on and on. They listen, pay close attention, and respond to the explicit and implied questions the interviewers are asking.

6) Worrying about what will happen if you don't get in
Stop it already. If you worry about the future, you're only going to increase your stress levels, and that can be fatal as far as your chances of getting into your MBA program of choice are concerned. Instead, do some of the things that will help you relax.

7) Begging and pleading
Begging and getting emotional will mark you as a sure loser. So don't even think of it. Also don't tell them that they're the one and only business school program you've applied to because you really want to go there, even if it's true. Instead, tell them what you like about their program (be specific) and why you think you're as good a fit for them too.
So now that you know some of the biggest mistakes to avoid, why not seek out even more secrets and put them to use.


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