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Must Know Interview Strategies for Building Great Rapport

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There are interesting relationships in play during an interview. Firstly, there is the poor old candidate who is there to impress everybody. And then there are the interviewers who are assessing the candidate whilst working together.

Why is that interesting? There are always relationships in play between colleagues conducting the interview. They may be power relationships where one person is a subordinate of another, or perhaps they are on equal levels but from different teams or departments. Whatever the case, it is important for a job candidate to understand that the interviewers themselves are also busy building or maintaining their relationships with each other whilst conducting the interview with you.

So how does that present an opportunity for the interviewee? Understanding the dynamics between the people in the room can help an interviewee to involve or include everyone during a response. This in turn helps other panel members to feel part of the ongoing discussions, not only fortifying connections with you, but also with each other. And at the end of the day that will reflect well on you.

Addressing everyone equally is a good way to include other panel members in your response. There is often a panel chair or one interviewer who clearly stands out as the boss or the dominant personality. Avoid the temptation to address him/her directly with all your responses. By all means do it occasionally, but don't forget to make eye contact with everyone in the group.

Try to incorporate, or reference, previous questions or discussions with other panel members where possible in order to keep everyone involved. And try to address the question from different points of view. For example, a technical question requires a technical response, but it can also be addressed from a users' perspective, or a change management perspective, or a business benefits perspective. Selecting points of view based on the interview panels' roles is a great way to include them into a question that may otherwise be directed entirely towards other panel members by the other job applicants.

Respond in terms of benefits to the business. Many interviewees fall into the trap of responding with respect to their own person. But don't forget that interviewers are looking for someone who is of value to them. So the interviewee should always try to include benefits to his/her employers' as part of their response. An example of this is the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?", my response would be along the lines of "reaping the career rewards stemming from doing such as great job for you the previous 5 years.". This helps the employer to relate your success with their success and this has to be a good thing for your prospects.

Remembering names. This is often overlooked but it is an easy and powerful tool for developing connections with panel members as well as giving the interview a more personal feel.
In summary, the job candidate plays an important role in achieving unity between all panel members during the interview. And the better that the interview felt for the panel members, the better your chances of landing that dream job offer. promotes career pathways in the Information Technology industry. Apart from heaps of interview tips we have a whole lot more to help you achieve your IT goals.

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