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Phone Interview Tips - Impress With These Phone Interview Tips

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Phone interviews are becoming more and more common these days. Use these tips to ace your phone interviews and get hired. Be confident and impress the interviewer to better your chances of landing the job.
Phone interviews are not just beneficial to the interviewer, but also to the job seekers. With phone interviews you do not need to dress up and commute to the company's building to be interviewed. Plus you do not get the same level of anxiety as when you do the interview face to face. All you need is a presence of mind and confidence in your voice.

Phone interviews present some disadvantages to a job seeker like you. Misunderstandings are pretty common in phone interviews. Phone interviews may also prove difficult for people who are in noisy places or have a bad phone signal and bad reception.

Truly, phone call interviews are like a two sided dagger presenting both benefits and disadvantages. But it is not for the job seeker to choose if the employer decides to hold a phone interview. Therefore, these phone interview tips might prove to be very useful to you:

Choose a quiet location and avoid places with choppy signals when answering phone interviews. It is better to hold phone call interviews on land line phones since there would be less problems with connections and sounds. Before starting the phone interview, excuse yourself and turn off anything that causes any background noises. Televisions should be turned off, noisy family member should be instructed to stay quiet and other noise makers should be quelled immediately. Avoid taking interviews in public places like a cafe or a restaurant. You cannot control these places so honestly and politely ask if you can have the interview after 20 minutes or depending to how long it will take to get to your house. All the interviewer should hear is your voice and nothing else. Offer to call the company and ask for the number if you are in a public or noisy area.

Always maintain a very alert and engaging demeanor. Your interviewer does not see you so they cannot tell if you are paying attention or not. Answer with enthusiasm, acknowledge them by saying "YES" or "I hear you" just to make the interviewer know that you are listening to them. Sit down and avoid walking when talking. Your heart beats and respiration increase when you move. The interviewer can hear your breath and they might interpret that to variety things like being sick or being tired. Try to smile. When you smile, your voice and mood changes and believe it or not, your mood is conveyed through your voice on the phone.

Open your resume and your application letter while you answer the interview. Your interviewer is surely holding your resume so you need to refer to them. Avoid reading your resume word for word. Refer also to your other notes like special certificates or licenses and other documents. If you can talk to the phone in front of the computer; then that's much better. The best thing with phone interviews is that the interviewer cannot see what you're doing. You can Google any subject regarding the company or any good answer for a question. Just make sure that your typing will not be heard.
Phone interviews are a good way that many companies look for new employees. You cannot help it if your employer decide to call for a job interview. What you need to do is accept the call as a challenge and answer the questions professionally. Follow the phone interview tips above and we're sure you'll do great.

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