Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Post Interview Strategies With an Employment Firm

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As I mentioned in my previous post, you want to act as if you never signed up with the employment agency because chances are, you probable won't get one assignment. But you want to act as if you are hanging by their very last breadth and show every signs of desire and willingness, you will want to make you sure you follow up with them for the next couple of weeks. I always call the day after to thank them again for the meeting and to tie up any possible leads that they might have spoken to you about. I usually call about every other day for about a week in a half to let them know that I am motivated and interested in working with them and to show my commitment towards the job. If you haven't heard from them after two weeks of repeated calls and emails, then I usually call about once a week for a couple of more weeks.

If you haven't heard from them at that point and you haven't been placed after a month, then I would touch base with them about every other week for a month later. You total commitment time is about two months. That gives them plenty of time to meet your qualifications to any possible leads they have on their side. It also means 1 of 2 things. You either do not meet any of their qualifications for the specific job or they just may not have any available leads with any employment firms for that particular field.

That is why I say have a short memory with the employment firm and don't expect much no matter how much they promise you or hype you into thinking they have the perfect job for you.

If you do get a job placement either temp/perm, with the way the economy is today, you may want to take it rather than wait for the job that is maybe more in line with what you want or have the experience. Chances are, since so many people are unemployed, the jobs that they are going to present you with, you are probable are going to be over qualified for, so take the offer if you are in a position where you can't afford to pass the job. There is someone that is always more qualified than you and some that have less skills than you do. In a time where the job market is very competitive, job candidates are more likely to find themselves in a position where this holds true.

Last, do not get frustrated because the recruiters won't talk to you or return your call. This is a very common business practice by most employment recruiters. I will post about the down and dirty tricks and techniques used by job recruiters at a later date.

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