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Recruiting Training For Owners - How to Manage the Final Interview to Land Your Next Great Recruiter

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In my other articles I have discussed how to manage the beginning of the interview process.
Now, In the final meeting the recruiter candidate meets with a tenured recruiter in the office with two plus years of experience for an open conversation. I tell the candidate in advance that this part of the meeting is for them at a peer level to really understand "a day in the life" of a person in our firm. I usually allow forty-five minutes to an hour for this. I do not send my tenured person into this meeting with an agenda. My goals for this meeting are two-fold. One, make sure the candidate gets all the information they need and, two, get the candidate so comfortable and conversational that their "true self" is revealed. If done correctly, you would be shocked how different the conversation is with your tenured people than yourself. We have eliminated quite a few actors at this stage. Sometimes candidates who appear very professional in front of you ask questions like, "Mike said this job requires 80-100 calls a day during the ramp up, you don't really have to do that many do you?" Seriously, this happens frequently.
Most of the times, however, this will reinforce your decision to bring someone on board and also gives some ownership in the process to your tenured person. They feel more a part of what you are building.
Lastly, I bring them in my office for any last minute questions either of us have and look for them to close me on the job. After meeting with the tenured person their interest should peak and I look to see if it has. I rarely make the offer right there, even though I look to be closed. Generally, I ask them to call me before a certain time the next day as my final test. When they call, I offer the job, reiterate the terms of the offer and set the start date. As a final step I ask them to raise their right hand and solemnly swear to do EXACTLY what I ask of them for the first 120 days.
When one follows a process like this where the recruiting firm owner is not overly aggressive and maybe even a bit disinterested, that person shows a process that is well thought out and professional. At all costs we want to avoid our prospects leaving the meeting thinking "this is too good to be true". While one should emphasize all the benefits to what a great career recruiting is one should also emphasize the price to be paid at each step of the process. You will be surprised how many self-select themselves OUT of the interview process saving you numerous hours and thousands of dollars in ramp up.

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