Monday, January 21, 2013

Thank You Letter - My Thanks To Steve Jobs

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This is a letter of appreciation to Steve Jobs, who has personally inspired me a great deal in life by being such a wonderful success in an era wherein technology and modernization would most likely point to the younger generation as the frontrunners. The way I see it, he has encouraged, not only me, but many others to continue to strive to change the world for the better without seeing age or generation as a hindrance. For these reasons, he is one person I truly believe should receive this thank you letter.

Dear Steve,
As an American business mogul and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. you have displayed your success to me and millions across the world, which has served as a great inspiration and testament that with persistence and the development of great ideas, there is no limit to what we can achieve. I personally use most, if not all, your products and are consistently impressed with their quality, functionality, and design. In truth, your creations have helped me become more productive at work and even given me new ways to enjoy things, and for that I would like to extend my thanks to you.

So many people believe today that the young generation is our future. And yes, in many degrees they certainly are but you have also shown that members of other, perhaps older, generations, particularly the Baby Boomers, should not stop nor give up on trying to improve the world because there is still much that we can contribute and change. The way you prevail over and redefine your field of expertise serves as a heart-warming story of encouragement and I believe you are deserving of my thank you letter for it being so.
Your belief that life improves over time and the steps you have taken to make this real has also provided me with great insight. I share in your concept of never sacrificing the quality of what we do for any other factors and this has had such positive effects on most of the work I have done. I am pretty sure that it is not only me whom you have had this influence on.

Thank you for demonstrating and reminding me that age and generation are immaterial factors to the success that a person can achieve. Please accept my thank you letter as a sign of my gratitude.
Respectfully Yours,


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