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The Do's and Don'ts of Interviews

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With the job market still looking slim, many are getting called in for interviews, but have trouble landing the job. This leaves the question, "What am I doing or saying wrong?" If you feel like you've just completed a particularly bad interview, you can try asking the interviewer what your main mistakes were. Some will give you an honest answer while others will brush you aside. But with how difficult interviews are to come by, you can only afford to make so many mistakes. You need to figure out what you're doing wrong before actually going into the interview.
The best way to practice for interviews is to have a set of questions you write beforehand next to you and answering them randomly. When you recite your answers, look into the mirror to see exactly how you look when you're talking. Interviewers like to see confidence in their applicants.
Below are some tips to help you do better in your interviews.
Top things to keep in mind at an interview:
1. Confidence. Be sure of yourself and portray to the interviewer that you're the best fit for this job.
2. Eye contact. Look at the interviewer when talking. When you look away, you appear as if you're "weak" or lying.
3. Determination. Show the interviewer that you have the ability to go through with what you say and do.
4. Friendliness. Employers like to hire people that will fit well within the working environment. If you don't seem friendly, no company will want to hire you.
5. Ability to lead as well as the ability to follow.
Top 9 things you should avoid:
1. Never come across as unsure. Look the interviewer in the eyes when talking.
2. Being tardy. If you are late for the interview, you will most likely automatically disqualify yourself from the position.
3. Being rude. No one wants to hire someone that is problematic from the start.
4. Dressing casual. Even if you are going to be interviewed for an open position on the janitorial staff, you should always come to the interview dressed to impress.
5. Being in a hurry or watching your watch. This comes off as rude and gives the impression that you don't care too much about the job.
6. Never ask about pay right off. Allow the interviewer time to go over this.
7. Coming unprepared. You should always bring a pen as well as a copy of your resume.
8. Never bring food to your interview. Try to wait to eat after the interview.
9. Turn off your cellphone and pager.
With the aforementioned tips, you should be better equipped at your next interview. Do your best and good luck!

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