Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Interview Process - How to Hire a Great Certified Virtual Assistant

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Having a great interview with a potential certified virtual assistant is a great way to know if you've found someone to be a member of your support team. In much the same way you interview a CPA or attorney before paying their retainer - there are certain questions you should ask of a VA before you decide to hire her. Because the world of VA's is yet such a mystery - a great deal of people struggle with knowing what the right questions are to ask. I've included some questions that you should ask on every call no matter what industry you are in.
- How long have you been doing this?
- Do you have certifications I can verify?
- Can I contact current clients to ask for references?
- How do you charge and expect payment?
- What do you specialize in?
- What software do they use? (Ask this even if you don't know what they're saying. If you ever part ways- you will need to find someone else to take the place of your past VA - and they will need to be familiar with that software.)
- Is there software you need them to be familiar with that you already use? Be sure to ask them if they have heard of that software before.
As you can see there are many standard questions that need to be asked. Here are some that are specific to VA's.
- Do you have unlimited long distance?
- How do you keep track of hours?
- Do you round up when keeping track of time? (may be answered in previous question)
- Do you have DSL or dial up?
- Do you perform regular back ups on your computer?
- Are you wireless? If so- do you work on a secure network?
- Do you have a paper shredder?

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