Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Typical Interview Process of a Big City Accountancy Firm

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1) The Application form
The first part of the process will be an online application form. Don't make the mistake of rushing through this and making it too generic. The company wants to see that you want to specifically apply to them and you've thought about your answers.
Some of it will just be form filling - name/address/A-level subjects/degree results, but other parts will be asking you "Give an example where you have illustrated team work" etc.This is where you can really differentiate yourself from others.

2) Online Testing
On top of the application form you may have to do some online testing, which usually is a maths or English test. You can buy a number of good books to brush up on these skills so it's worth practising before you click "take test now!" The test might take an hour so make sure you have plenty of time and peace in order to give it your best attempt.

3) Assessment Day
You might get asked to attend an assessment day which could be made up of a number of elements, for example:
More testing - sometimes there is another exercise to do to test organisation; prioritising and computer skills.
Group work - it's important to listen to everyone in the group but also to have your say.
Lunch - this is generally with a number of juniors from the firm. Although its less formal and your chance to ask some questions, don't forget it's an interview so don't drink 3 bottles of wine and wonder why you didn't get the job.

4) The Interview
You're doing well you've been invited to meet them and now it's your chance to shine.
Dress appropriately - you're going for a job as a professional therefore turning up in jeans, trainers and chewing gum won't go down well.

I know you're going to be super nervous but try and smile and relax a bit
Prepare before you go. Think about the sort of questions you might get asked - again there are lots of good books out there on interview questions so it might be worth having a look through.
Do your research - research the company you are applying for and the industry. If you don't know who the Big 4 are you're not ready to apply.
Be yourself - your interviewers will be looking to see if you fit in with the culture of the company, if you're pretending to be something you're not then you might end up getting a job that isn't right for you.
Remember this is your opportunity to see if you like the company as much as them to see if you will fit with them. So ask questions, think about if you have a rapport with the people you meet. Is this the sort of place you could see yourself working?
It really is a brilliant profession and opens the doors to so many career possibilities so once you've read this get applying...

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