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Top Tips For Interview Preparation Success

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A job interview can be stressful before it actually happens. Regardless of the type of a job you are applying for, there are a few rules that will always apply and will always be of importance. You can reduce your level of stress by arriving to your interview prepared.

General preparation:
• Do your research. Check the website of the company you are interviewing for to get a better feel about what are they doing. Read press releases or some news you can find online about the company, their product and their policies. Research the competition as well.
• Re-read the job description and think what type of questions the interviewer may ask you. These may regard your past employment, your plans for the future and specific knowledge in your field.
• Similarly prepare some questions from yourself - you may want to find out more about your responsibilities, short-term and long-term goal for a department you want to join, company culture, or challenges facing the company.

Phone interview:
• Make sure your phone line is free and there are no background noises.
• Switch off TV or radio, tell children to go and play outside.
• If using a mobile phone, make sure you area in the area of good coverage.
• Have both your resume and job description printed out so you can check any dates and details without putting the conversation on hold.
• Have your questions written down and take notes of additional one so you can ask your interviewer about things that are not clear to you.

Face to face interview:
• Check the location a day or so before the interview. Do not simply look at the map, go to the place and see how much time you'd need to spend commuting. Check train/bus schedule or driving time. On the day of the interview, always arrive 10 minutes early just in case.
• Carry your resume and the job description with you. Do not forget to take your ID - some companies may require that for security reasons.
• Do dress up - clean and matching clothes are always a plus.
• Give a firm and strong handshake.
Those simple tips will greatly help you in overcoming anxiety and tension. Your self confidence will improve and as a result it is going to be easier for you to present yourself as the best person for the job.

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