Sunday, January 13, 2013

US K1 Visa Interview in Bangkok: Getting Ready for the Final Step

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The Consular interview is a crucial one, the fact that your fiancee's application has moved through the different phases of the process and made it to this final one should make you and her give it your best effort to pass. The K1 Visa Interview Thailand is the last but most stressful part of the fiancée or K1 visa application process. Below are tips to help your fiancee improve her chances of making it.

1. Upon receipt of the notification, she must collate all the required documents and make sure they are ready by the interview date. Bring original copies of important documents as the interviewing officer may ask to see them.
2. She must bring along whatever supporting documents or evidences she has to prove the genuineness of your relationship with each other (pictures, videos, emails, love letters, tickets, etc.)
3. She should practice answering the commonly asked visa interview questions in English such as:
a. Where do you live and what is your occupation?
b. How did you meet your fiance?
c. Where did you get engaged?
d. How long have you been engaged?
e. Where are you planning to get married?
f. What does your fiance do for a living?
g. Where was your fiance born?
h. When is your fiance's birthday?
i. Where does your fiance live?
j. What do you love about your fiance?
k. Where do your fiance's parents live?
4. She should dress simply and appropriately; something she would wear to a job interview.
5. If possible, accompany her to the interview to show your support.
6. She should be at the consular section of the embassy at least 30 minutes before the interview bringing with her all the necessary documents. The embassy is located at 95 Wireless Road, Bangkok. If she is unfamiliar with the place, she might want to research on how to get there to avoid being late for her interview. The nearest train station would be at Phloen Chit, and from there she can take a cab to get to the embassy.
7. During the interview, she should answer all the questions politely and as honestly and accurately as she can. If she doesn't understand what the visa officer is saying, she should not be afraid to ask him to repeat it.
As the visa applicant, your fiancee should be able to convince the immigration officer that what you have is a bona fide relationship with each other and that she is not simply trying to gain entry to the U.S. through fraudulent means.


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